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Six Crazy Marriage Proposals


Today is the day that you’ve decided that the time has come for you to propose to the love of your life. You have been thinking about your proposal for a very long time. You don’t want it to be too simple, but you also want to keep in mind not to go overboard. There are so many thoughts when it comes to choosing the right proposal. Getting married is exciting. What’s even more impressive is the unexpected marriage proposal. 

Below is a list of crazy proposals that will definitely be stored in the memory book.

The Underwater Proposal

That’s right! Underwater. If both you and your partner are water babies, then this is an amazing option for proposing. 

A couple planned a visit to their nearest beach where they went scuba diving for the day. The calming blue waters has definitely set the mood for these two. Their experience was unique and extraordinary. The blue waters allowed for a romantic environment where the guy went on one knee and proposed to his dream girl. All she said was yes!

The Icy Mountain Top Proposal 

This is not the first option you think of when it comes to proposing. However, someone thought this would be a unique and special way to propose to his partner. Right on top of the mountains, in the midst of the cold temperatures, he decided to go on his knee and propose. All you heard was yes on the top of the mountain. There was so much love exploding in the midst of the cold that the temperature didn’t even matter to them anymore. 

The Flight Proposal

Normally you would find this type of event taking place amongst the passengers. In this case, it was the pilot’s idea to propose to his partner who happened to be an air hostess on the plane he was flying. As usual, the pilot welcomed his passengers on board and took this opportunity to propose to his girlfriend. She couldn’t believe her ears and said yes instantly. All the passengers and staff were filled with joy and excitement.

The Color Run Proposal 

This was not your ordinary 5k colour run for everyone. For one specific couple, this would be a day to remember forever. Once the competition was complete, the guy decided to propose to his girlfriend and make it a memorable day. He went down on his knee and asked his partner if they could start their own race as a couple for the rest of their lives. What do you think she said? She said, yes! Not only was this a fun colour run, but it was a colourful and beautiful memory for this couple.

The House Roof Top Proposal

Unlike other rooftop proposals, this one was crazy because it was done on the top of their house. The guy performed a rooftop stunt where he pretended to fall off. When his girlfriend came down to him in panic, he was awaiting her with a marry me a sign. 

The Crazy Beach Proposal

On this day, a couple went for a walk on the beach. The guy saw this as an amazing opportunity to propose to his girlfriend. He waited until he saw great waves approaching before he proposed. Right after he proposed and his partner said yes, they were swept away by waves approaching the shores. What a great start!