Wedding Planner, Are They Useful?

Summer wedding or winter wedding? Indoor or Outdoor? Lilies or Roses? DJ or Band? Wedding planner or not?

in doubt 

Yes, there are many choices to be made, and often there are many details that couples miss when planning their wedding. Hence, the ultimate question, should you hire a wedding planner? 

We’ve all seen some shows or movies where a wedding planner is very much involved in the picture. It’s often portrayed as a glamorous job, and at the end of the day, when all goes well, and everyone is happy, it’s the wedding planner who is to thank. 

In real life, however, are they beneficial? And are they worth the extra expense to hire them? Here we shall look at the pros and cons. 

PRO: They can manage your budget 

Wedding planners will be able to help you determine our budget and find ways to stay within it. Due to their extensive network and many vendor connections, they can find resources and materials/supplies quickly. Still, they may also have special prices or deals from businesses they often go to. Wedding planners obviously carry out many weddings each year and already know the local market. They can also bargain with sellers that they are comfortable working with. 

CON: They are an additional cost 

Yes, they save you money, but they, themselves, are not free. Depending on how involved they are, there are different levels/tiers of service. Make sure to check their price lists to see what is included in the price. Also, decide whether you want a wedding planner (involved with the concept, planning, managing, coordinating months before the wedding) or wedding coordinator (involved mostly on the day itself to ensure everything goes smoothly).

PRO: They know all the details

Wedding planners have many experiences with the organization of a wedding. Through the years, they’ve probably accumulated more and more little components to add to the wedding. So when it comes to the basics, they’ve got you. With them is probably a book of contacts and categories of details that couples may forget about. Napkins? Plating? Lighting? Where to print invitations? They’ve got everything. 

CON: You don’t have as much control

Since you hired them and it is their job, you may have to give up some of your control. If you’re someone who has a fear of missing out, or you’re incredibly detail-oriented and want to know everything, then hiring a planner may be uncomfortable for you. Since planners do this often, they have the eye to tell if something is aesthetically pleasing, and if something just doesn’t go with the rest of your theme. You have to be open to their opinion and feedback. 

PRO: They can make a useful timeline

Wedding planners will have a ready binder or book that clearly organizes their time and yours. They are extremely organized as they may have other weddings to handle too. If you’re too busy with work, they are the ones who can attend site tours, cake testing, meeting caterers, and meeting venue managers. Part of their timeline is not just finding people and signing contracts, but following up with everyone to track the progress and confirmation. 

CON: You don’t have access to the schedule all the time

If you are not the main organizer of your wedding, then it would be hard to keep up with any progress or changes. Schedules may have to be altered some times, so when your family has questions about your wedding, you can’t always answer. 

PRO: All members of your family can focus on the wedding

With a wedding planner at hand, they can handle and coordinate everything that goes on in the ceremony and reception. That is what you are paying them for: to stay on top of things and ensure all aspects of the event go smoothly. Hence, no family members should be distracted by the little things and focus solely on the wedding. 

Wedding and family

CON: It’s hard to find someone you can actually trust

The search for the perfect wedding planner may be hard. Not to mention, it takes a lot of guts to put your trust in them. You’re putting the most important day of your lives in their hands. So best make sure you get along with your planner and openly discuss your expectations for the day.

In Conclusion… 

The decision to hire a wedding planner really depends on you and your fiancé’s lifestyles. If both of you are too occupied with work, then yes, a wedding planner may be useful. If you don’t mind having a little less control over the small details, then yes, they’re helpful. If you can allocate your budget to hire a planner and cut back on the more minor things, sure, they’re useful. 

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